Being a landscape architect in Tuscany (Italy) for over 20 years, I have had experience with all the phases that relate to the project (client communication, briefs, preliminary drafts, cost estimation, construction documents, drawings, specifications, putting work out to tender). Keeping in contact with the clients, contractors and builders to ensure the smooth running of every day operations.

I see myself as a dynamic, ambitious and imaginative with strong conceptual skills. I deal with all the parts of a garden, hardscape or softscape, and I always strive to adapt to cutting edge technologies and best practices.

Having worked for two years in London at Garden Club London Ltd delivering drawings and visuals for the team (internal landscapers) and contractors, I started a new career as contractor / freelance Landscape Architects in London, by making available all my graphic skills to transform your designs into professional plans and visualisations.


These services are for Garden Designers who wants offers professionals drawings to their clients


My goal is to carry out the best result in the shortest possible time by using the 3d model as a resource for all the stages of the graphic process such as sections, elevations and construction drawings. Software as FormZ, Piranesi and Photoshop are used to go beyond photorealism.

Planting Plans

Consistency with the visualisations I create detailed planting plans by using Vectorworks as main software. That allows to create planting lists accordingly.

Construction Details

Sections, elevations, construction details are generated by the 3D model in order to create very detailed drawings. The whole process makes easy to update the projects according to the new requests from the client.